Curry For Change


Our Nominated Charity

The Curry Club UK is delighted to partner with the charity campaign Curry for Change.

What’s Involved

Together we are using people’s love of curry and networking to inspire them to support hardworking families across Africa and Asia to grow enough food so they don’t go hungry and earn an income to provide for their families. The money raised through The Curry Club UK’s networking events supports women like Ramsheela and Edward to improve their crops, feed their families, earn an income and break the cycle of hunger and poverty.

Your support could help women like Ramsheela to improve their crops and break the cycle of hunger and poverty.

Our village now has a savings group that meets every month. I took out a loan and bought seeds, farming equipment and hired labour to help me harvest my rice. This year I grew more rice than ever before, was able to pay back my loan and earn a profit.

– Ramsheela, Sakdukla Village, India.

Your support could help people like Edward build skills and knowledge in order to earn an income.

“I’ve learnt about soil and water conservation techniques, as well as natural pest management. Now I grow pineapples, avocados, bananas, sweet potatoes, peas, cabbages, maize and finger millet with my wife. Half of what we produce we eat, the other half we sell.”

– Edward, Saziya Village, Zimbabwe.

We are supporting young mothers like Anna to access vital information on nutrition, breastfeeding and hygiene, so they can provide healthy food for their children.

“In the past our children did not eat proper food. Today we make sure our children drink breast milk until at least 6 months. Now I understand more about nutrition, and go for pre-natal care at the health centre.”

– Anna, Bengvilay Village, Laos.